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Gastroenterology services available at the following locations:

  • Prytania Health Center: Gastroenterology and Pulmonology Suite 110
    3434 Prytania St.
    Suite 110
    New Orleans, LA 70115
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Gastroenterology in New Orleans

The Gastroenterology (GI)/Endoscopy clinic provides diagnostic and treatment services for diseases and conditions of the digestive organs.

Our gastroenterologists are specially trained to diagnose and treat specific diseases and conditions of the digestive organs. We’re equipped with the knowledge, compassion, and technical expertise to provide you with the individualized care you need to make sure your healthiest days are ahead of you.

General gastroenterology conditions treated:

  • gastroesophageal reflux
  • heartburn
  • swallowing problems
  • peptic ulcer disease
  • dyspepsia
  • Barrett’s esophagus
  • Constipation
  • Diarrhea
  • rectal bleeding
  • diverticulosis
  • screening for colon polyps
  • colon polyp removal
  • pancreatitis
  • gallstones
  • liver masses
  • liver biopsy
  • chronic viral hepatitis
  • fatty liver disease
  • diagnosis of pancreatic cancer

Procedures include:

Upper Endoscopy (EGD/Gastroscopy)
An upper endoscopy is performed to examine the upper portion of the digestive tract including the esophagus, stomach and upper portion of the small intestine. By using a long thin tube with a video clip, a Gastroenterologists can see, through a TV monitor, where any potential problems may exist in a patient’s upper GI tract.

A long flexible tube with a video chip is used to examine the inner lining of the large intestine. It is used to diagnose a number of intestinal conditions and can be used to perform biopsies. A Colonoscopy is the best practice for identifying colon cancer.

Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP)

This procedure is used to view the biliary and pancreatic ducts. It is used to check diseases that affect the biliary and pancreatic ducts. It can also help find and treat any blockages.

Endoscopic ultrasound (EUS)
This procedure combines endoscopy and ultrasound to gather highly detailed information throughout the digestive tract.


This procedure allows the surgeon to see stones in the duct, may aid the removal of stones and provides visual post exploratory checks that the common bile duct and the hepatic ducts are clear, that papilla is patent, and that no stone is left behind before closure.


3434 Prytania St.,
Suite 110
New Orleans, LA 70115
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