Touro Building

Volunteer Requirements

  • Hours: Volunteers must commit to three or more hours per week and complete a minimum of 50 total hours. Assignments are available weekdays, during office hours, 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Weekend and evening placements are only available to college students volunteering in the Emergency Department.Marguerite Florent, Touro Volunteer
  • Age: Adult volunteers must be at least 18. Junior Volunteers must have had their 14th birthday and/or completed the eighth grade prior to starting their volunteer service.
  • Application Process: Candidates must complete the process below before they can begin their volunteer service:
    • Written application
    • Personal interview
    • Background and reference checks (download PDF here)
    • Copy of driver’s license or valid photo ID
    • Health clearance, including an annual TB test for adults (within the past three years for Junior Volunteers), proof of immunity to mumps, measles and rubella (German measles) and/or a physical exam certifying ability to perform volunteer service
  • Orientation and Training: Volunteers must attend a half-day orientation. In some cases, additional training by the departmental supervisor is required.
  • Uniforms: Business casual attire is acceptable for volunteers: slacks or skirts with a collared shirt. Touro does not allow jeans, t-shirts, shorts or flip-flops. Volunteers receive an official photo I.D. which must be worn on a volunteer lanyard. Volunteers should not wear scrubs, unless instructed to do so.